We, Vinadevt with  professional staffs are supported by modern laboratory facilities in most   key locations and are trained in the latest control techniques. 

Our Commodity Inspection Services ensure that all clients benefit from the professional and prompt completion of each assignment. 

The commodity shall be inspected prior to shipment either at the premises of the supplier or such other premises as may be specified. The inspection shall seek to ensure strict conformity of the commodity with the agreed upon specifications.

Our services are always adapted to our client's need and include: 

1. Inspection and acceptance of ship holds, hatch covers

 2. Establishment of in taken/outturn weight by means of draught-survey

 3. Sampling during entire loading and/or discharging operations and preparation of contractual   samples

 4. Supervision throughout loading/discharging

 5. Speeding up loading and/or discharging operations

6. Conducting neutral analysis

7. Check of packing and marking

8. Check of bags weight at random

9. Damage assessment, if any

10. Photographic report

11. Certification of quality, quantity & condition

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