E -  Learning is commonly referred to as Web-based learning or online   learning. It essentially includes learning online through the courses that are offered on the net. Emails, live lectures, and videoconferencing are all possible through the net. This enables all the participants to give their viewson a particular topic and then discuss them further. They also offer static pages like course materials that are printed for the benefit of all the participants. One of the main advantages of accessing pages on the web is that most of the web pages have hyperlinks that will lead you to another page and thus opens up a vast amount of information on the net.
 You don't have the time to actually go to a University and attend classes. Earlier it would have been a major problem, as you wouldn't know how to manage that, but not anymore. With the several courses available online, youcan actually sit at home and learn. No more of waking up early and attending classes or that irritating class mate. Now take whichever course at peace and at your convenience. A web-based course would typically include course information, timetable, notice board, curriculum map, teaching materials like articles, slides, and handouts, communication through discussion boards and email, summative and formative assessments, student management tools like statistics, records, and student tracking, and also links to external and internal websites that are very useful.
We, VINADEVT provide  E – Learning courses regarding:
  1. Office Administrative Training Courses
  2. Microsoft Word/ Excel/ Power Point Training Courses
  3. Import – Export Training Courses
  4. General Accounting Training Courses

5. Tax Accounting Training Courses

6. Accounting Principle Training Courses for the Beginers

7. Import – Export Accounting Training Courses

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