Creating successful strategies for institutional investment programs rests on   a foundation steeped in expertise and sound judgment. We partner with our   clients across a broad range of plan types to develop and maintain leading-   edge investment programs. Our work is predicated on analyzing situations—   from  both a quantitative and qualitative perspective—as we draw upon a   wealth of resources to be our clients’ trusted investment consultant.

We provide a complete range of global investment consulting services that   are   tailored to your specific goals and circumstances. Our experienced global   consulting teams have a high level of varied expertise, the foresight to   respond   to new developments before they reach our clients, and the objectivity to challenge convention. We can help you solve your most complex investment problems in practical, cost-effective ways that impact your business.

We use our sophisticated modeling tools to help us analyze your situation and help you make informed choices about your future investment strategy.

Our clients include institutions, public and private companies, trustees and multinationals.

We advise a wide range of fund types including defined benefit plans, defined contribution and accumulation plans, endowments and foundations, hospitals and sovereign wealth funds. Our range of services continues to expand further in pensions risk solutions, investment governance, asset allocation strategies and alternative asset classes. We also provide delegated investment consulting and communication services.
 Our service portfolio includes:
  • In-coming Foreign Investment (Company Incorporation)
  • Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence Reports
  • Market Surveys, Researches and Analyses
  • Setting up Business Entities & Cross-shareholding
  • Venture Capital & Cross-Shareholding
  • Merger & Acquisitions, Sales & Disposals
  • Management & Corporate Administration Services

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